What’s It Like to Live in Chico, CA

When looking to move to a new locale, there are some things that you have to look into. Despite you no doubt knowing this, there are more than likely a few things you’ve overlooked when looking at Chico, California, but don’t worry.

Don’t worry about it, though. As long as you read carefully and, perhaps, do a little research of your own, you’ll be okay.

We got you.

1. Winter is NOT Coming

People in Chico, CA, have most likely never seen snow on their doorsteps in their lives. The country is practically Mediterranean, what with the yearly low of about 55 degrees and a high of 95, so if you’re planning to move here, don’t expect to put on your winter coat anytime soon.

In fact, you can expect to be swimming in the ocean in the dead of winter. Your Christmas tree might have to be a palm tree if you celebrate Christmas that is, but that’s half the fun!

Also, the kids might be a little disappointed that there’ll be no snowmen this year, but oh well. You can just make them out of the sand!

2. College Ain’t Just for Kids

Chico’s culture and an economy are pretty much driven by its intense environment of collegiate. Three major post-secondary institutions call Chico home, so if you always wanted to go back to school to get your degree, now’s probably the time to start thinking about it!

Just, uh, maybe don’t register at the same college your kids will be attending? There are movies about why that’s a bad idea if you need a few reasons. It’s probably better to stay home and do yoga. Here’s the link to weightloss yoga for beginners at home.

3. Butte Creek Canyon

The town of Chico is located along the historic Butte Creek Canyon, which has hundreds of years hidden between its steep walls. Make a day of it and trek down into the depths to tour the 19th-century cemetery, the ancient Native American burial ground, and the remnants of Chinese encampments.

Of course, if history isn’t your thing, there’s also plenty of trails to hike and rivers to swim in. Just remember to stay safe and always travel with a buddy, in addition to letting more than one person know where you’re going beforehand.

Oh, uh, speaking of Butte Creek Canyon.

4. The Name

There are a lot of things in Chico that are named after the Butte Creek, not in the least of which are the Butte Creek Canyon itself, the Butte College, and a few other things that will only make you laugh harder than you no doubt already are.

Stop it.



Yes, the residents are aware of how funny a name is. Yes, they will laugh along with you the first time you discover the hilarity of the name in person. No, it will not stay funny if you continue to make the same jokes.

Like I said. Stop.

5. The Art

Chico is a very culturally-oriented town. With murals dotting almost every exposed and the available surface of the buildings, entire days can be taken just to track down and view them all. In addition to that, every year is the annual Artoberfest, the city’s version of the famous Oktoberfest. In it, over 150 exhibits from the various inhabitants and visitors that come in from all over allow those who are curious to view what has been created that year.

Presumably, these art exhibitions are for sale to the people who want something they can take home and hang up, although you’ll have to walk around to see who’s there that year and who’s selling. It changes every time Artoberfest rolls around, so you’re guaranteed never to get the same thing twice.

Chico Ahoy!

This is only a short list of the things that you’ll need to know if you’re planning on moving to or visiting the scenic town of Chico, California. I could tell you about all the great places to go out and get a drink, or the fantastic theater you could visit to see a play or even the stadium where the Cal Arts baseball team shows their skills at …

But I won’t.

It’s much more fun for you to discover those things on your own.

So go! Visit this lush and illustrious city and take in all the sights! Visit the museums, read the guide-books, take a guided tour! Walk through the almond fields, visit and walk across the Honey Run Covered Bridge, or even just walk around the town and see for yourself why Chico is called by many The City of Trees!

One thing’s for sure.

You won’t be bored.